The Value of a Single Day By Robin Sharma

By | October 8, 2014

The Value of a Single Day
By Robin Sharma

Each day of your life’s an awesome gift. 24 hours to savor beauty, grow personally, inspire others and advance your dreams.

It’s so easy to discount the value of a single day. But as you live each day, so you craft your life.

And in each day lives massive opportunities that are so easy to miss. Please consider that within this day alone you can:

— forgive someone you’ve been carrying anger toward your whole life

–start reading the book that will reconfigure the way you see the world

— go for your first run…and in so doing, begin the game-changing habit of daily exercise

— begin a work project that makes you a legend at your company (and the Lady Gaga or Jay-Z of your industry)

— join The 5 am Club and experience the power of spending your first 60 minutes developing your best (you can find my training videos on getting up early by just searching for them online)

— stop putting poison into your mind via a steady stream of news, gossip and complaint (the job of the news is to frighten you into watching more)

— inspire a stranger with a staggering act of unexpected generosity (the one who loves the best wins, yes?)

— reconnect with an old friend

— write a love letter to someone you adore

— achieve a goal you’ve put off for years

— make a decision to move to a new city or write the first 10 pages of the book you’ve always wanted to write

— learn to ski, sail or paint (yes, mastery demands years…but you can start the process today)

— record a video that goes viral and helps a million people

— give a speech that changes the world

Today’s a blessing. You can make it the single best day of your life yet. Wouldn’t that be cool? You actually write out a game plan to make this the single greatest day of your life yet. And then you release your excuses and live it.

Do a little better tomorrow and within a few weeks, you’re at an all-new level of world class.

Anyway, just sharing some thoughts on a rainy afternoon of writing in my hometown.

Because I want you to fly…

All green lights and I honor your greatness. Robin